Sunday Rabbit Ride

Sunday Morning

Fall and Winter: 8:30am

Summer: 8:00am

Every Sunday morning we meet in front of Fairhaven Bicycle. The riders who take the longest to complete the 32.5 mile ride leave in the first group. The next group of quicker riders leave a few minutes later. We follow that pattern until everyone has left. Please use fenders if you plan on riding in the rain. After the ride, come join us for some coffee across the street at Avenue Bread. If the owner of Fairhaven Bicyle is in attendance (John Hauter) the bill is taken care of!

Your Safety: Riding in groups like this come with risk of colliding with other riders and falling, so safety is of primary importance. Please let someone know if you have not had experience riding with larger groups in pace lines. Here are a few basic rules to follow: Pay attention, don’t overlap wheels, ride at a consistent pace, be responsible for yourself, don’t use aero handlebars while in the pace line, ride carefully, don’t crash, and always wear a helmet.

The Route: Please see the map below! The route goes South on Chuckanut Drive, left onto Colony Road. Left up Wood Road to Barrell Springs Road (big climb) then left via West Lake Samish to Old Lake Samish Road and right on Chuckanut Drive and back to Fairhaven Bicycle for a coffee at Avenue Bread across the street. This ride is 32.5 miles long with a total elevation gain of around 2,103 feet. Finish times vary depending on your ability and fitness, but the average time for most riders falls between 2 hours 15minutes to 1 hour 19minutes.

We hope to see you there!

-John Hauter (Owner) & the Fairhaven Bicycle Crew